Sunday, April 08, 2007

Searching For Meaning And Being In One's Life

Fellow Blogger,

Do you want an insight into your subconscious, but can't afford the cost of the weekly therapy sessions? Do you want to be on the cutting edge of the zeitgeist, but would feel embarrassed being seen in public with a copy of either 'Nuts' or 'Dazed & Confused' magazine?

Help is at hand. Just monitor your sitemeter over a 24 hour period, and take note of those searches on google, yahoo, blogsearch etc etc that have led people to your blog.

A quick scan below of the list from my sitemeter over past 24 hours has led me to conclude that my sub-conscious is overly concerned with authoritarian 'leftism' (sparts, stalin, bob avakian, paul breitner and blake baker); footie (gary neville, breitner again); & self-loathing (i hate myself poems, donny and marie osmond and paul morley).

No new startling revelation there, and I've saved about 300 dollars in the process.

And a second scan of the list reveals the mood of the times: The mention of 'Wyatting' and 'stalin wasn't stalling' suggests that 1940s barbershop quartet barbarism is making a comeback; that Bill Hicks is coming out of retired seclusion - he's been living in a gated community in Larchmont, NY with Tupac Shakur - to record a spoken word album with Noam Chomsky; and that the burning issue in Britain for the 37th consecutive week is which trotskyist newspaper does Gary Neville sell outside Waitrose in Congleton every other Saturday morning?

My 300 dollars is on Gary selling copies of Solidarity on the back of a bogus petition about the NHS.

  • marxist cartoons
  • Paul Morley Twat
  • the rakes auslandmission lyrics
  • we are living in the sound street "na na na "
  • wyatting
  • bill hicks chomsky
  • paul breitners political views
  • "blake baker" "far left"
  • i hate myself poems
  • gary neville socialist
  • article on sparts
  • darren dixon brooklyn ny
  • Bob Avakian
  • piss inside the tent, piss from inside tent out +quote?
  • war lighters
  • "case of the piles"
  • gravytrain gay mp3
  • 'History as propaganda' + spgb
  • master margarita torrent
  • stalin wasn't stalling
  • ditched +lyrics
  • an empty cab and clement attlee
  • The Best Of Donny & Marie Osmond(torrent)
  • khomeini nickname
  • "gary neville" "national anthem"

    Lisa Rullsenberg said...

    Hee. Stats watching as alternative (and cheaper) therapy. I like it!

    daggi said...

    Did Solidarity sell well outside Waitrose's then? I assume most buyers paid the "solidarity price" (very confusing, that one).