Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Injury Time

As is self-evident by the paucity of posts in recent weeks, I'm a bit jaded with the whole blogging lark but - 'cos of past themes covered on the blog - I feel obliged to link to this puff piece by Barney Ronay in today's Online Guardian.

Sorry to sound jaded but it does seem a whole lot of words to say sod all . . . or to at least just go over ground that has been covered a 1001 times before. He's not really bringing anything new to the table on the matter of socialism and footie: Shankly . . . Neville . . . Clough . . . Breitner . . . tick all the boxes. Don't not pass go. Get your NUJ card stamped.

However, one of the comments to the article does throw up the interesting info about the Barcelona defender Oleguer Presas. If he's doesn't have Kev's blog bookmarked, he should do.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Does read a tad predictable: maybe he just hasn't read around enough?

And as for jaded: I think just exhausted. At best recently I've been intermittant and I'm not writing anything I'm especially pleased with either entertainment or intellectual-wise.

Maybe we need a mutual kick up the arse to get us going? i still find blogging fun, I just can't do it as much as I would like which puts greater pressure or frustration on what I do/do not write...

Reidski said...

That is one turgid piece of turd writing - his I mean, not yours ;-)

Then again, it is the Guardian - worst newspaper in the history of the written press!

Gary Imlach's book on his dad, on the other hand, fucking classy - read it or else!

Darren said...


I'm so jaded with writing at the moment, you can't even begin to guess. ;-) It's probably down to the fact that I'm not one of life's natural writers, and the alternative of discipling oneself to sitting down to write something come what may has never really appealed to me.

It never worked at college, I don't think it will work for the blog. ;-)


why does Gary Imlach's name sound familar but not enough that I can't help but google search his name?

*Quick google search later* Imlach's Dad played professional football? Never knew that. I'll see if I can hunt the book down.

Btw, there was a worse article than this one in the Guardian the following day by Marina Hyde about Gary Neville. It was fucking woeful.