Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Musical Interlude

Stumbled across the band Peachfuzz on MySpace - or rather they stumbled across the Socialist Standard page with the obligatory friend request - and they're bloody good. You should check them out.

Granted they're a bit rough and ready, but not that rough for a band that is listed as 'unsigned' and who hail from Bridgend.

'The Girl Who Kissed The Sun' and 'Lost Weekend' are the strongest tracks of the four on their page, and yep they sound like Teenage Fanclub (but with stronger vocals) and Big Star (of course they do, they sound like Teenage Fanclub for chrissake . . . it's obligatory), but they have the courtesy to list them both as influences on the page, so that's OK then.

Sure, it may just be another story of pasty faced lads from the Celtic fringe with instruments bought on hp, singing accents borrowed from a Farrelly Brothers soundtrack and wah-wah pedals getting more legwork than a headless Wayne Rooney running after the last defender to clip him so he can clock him, but if The Thrills can make a fist of it, who am I to turn my nose up at a power pop trio from the Valleys following the same path.

One moan, though. Their choice of name, 'Peachfuzz', is irredeemably naff, and has me reaching for my C86.

But help may be at hand with the google-search news that there was a band of the same name operating out of Melbourne in the early nineties. So, hopefully, the Aussie lawyers should be on the fax machine with the writs if and when they get a sniff of a deal. Just don't rename yourself Peachfuzz UK, lads.

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