Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday's Playlist #10

An ongoing series:

  • Elvis Costello and The Attractions, 'The Invisible Man' (Punch The Clock)
  • Duran Duran, 'Breath After Breath' (The Wedding Album)
  • Mark Ronson, featuring Amy Winehouse, 'Valerie' (Version)
  • Heaven 17, 'Key To The World' (The Luxury Gap)
  • Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, 'The Rattler' (Good Deeds and Dirty Rags)
  • George Michael, 'Amazing' (Patience)
  • The Others, 'How I Nearly Lost You' (The Others)
  • Big Star, 'Thirteen' (Number 1 Record)
  • Dead Kennedys, 'Holiday in Cambodia' (Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables)
  • Nicole Atkins and the Sea, 'War Torn'
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