Monday, April 02, 2007

I Like Monday Morning Updates

  • Rejoice, rejoice, part two of the 'A to Z of Marxism' - F thru' K - is now online.
  • Further to this post on anarcho-footballism, stumbled across this article on Znet about Argentina's soccer passion. Interesting stuff, but I think the author commits a bit of a howler when she writes: "Until the 60's South America’s soccer teams remained inferior to Western European teams." Erm, 1930 . . . 1950 . . . 1958.
  • John Counago beat me to the publish button last month when he blogged about what a brilliant bloke Niall Quinn is, but Quinny is giving me a second chance with this story from the online Guardian. Ross Wallace, Liam Miller and Roy Keane? Celtic Sunderland for the championship.
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