Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Freedom Presidential Election

From the SPGB blog, Socialism Or Your Money Back:

Next Sunday In France

I have one wee quibble from reading the post; I'm not sure if Lutte Ouvriere are still considered the premier Trot group in France. (If they ever were.) I wouldn't pretend to have a hundredth of the knowledge of the French politics that the post's author has, but I was under the impression that the LCR is now making all the running on the vanguardist left in France.

The LCR's Presidential candidate, Olivier Besancenot, looks set to get more votes than the perennial LO candiate, Arlette Laguiller, next Sunday and, though in the real world that won't amount to much, for all us lefty trainspotter types, Laguiller - who has contested very Presidential Election since '74 - being beat into second place on the Trot front for the first time will have the letters pages of both the Weekly Worker and Socialist Worker fizzing for at least a week.

For those of you interested in the minutaie of the Fench Left, Liam Mac Uaid - a supporter of the International Socialist Group, the British sister group of the LCR - has a google video of LCR's Francois Duval speaking at a recent ISG/Resistance meeting on the French Presidential Election.

N.B. The post is entitled 'The Freedom Presidential Election' - rather than 'The French Presidential Election' - in honour of that diner in Long Island I ate at a few weeks back, which still insists on selling 'Freedom Fries', rather than French Fries.

God bless.

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