Tuesday, December 19, 2006

(S)ectarian (A)rt (T)errorism

"It's OK lads. I'm a situationist prankster. Under the pavement lies the dead bodies".

Remember that whole business of Banksy punking Disneyland?

Well, concern yourself no more with that small fry; it turns out that when loyalist murderer, Michael Stone, stormed the Parliament buildings at Stormont late last month, it wasn't to murder Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, it was in fact to stage an elaborate form of 'performance art'.

Stone's lawyer, Arthur Harvey QC, was quoted in Belfast High Court today saying that:

"It was, in fact, a piece of performance art replicating a terrorist attack . . . My instructions are that these were not viable explosive devices and were improvised from the most basic household items, including a cardboard holder for a kitchen roll, candle wax and powder from fireworks freely available in shops."

No news at this point on whether or not the Blue Peter presenting team are to be called as expert witnesses's for the defence.


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