Friday, December 29, 2006

Elvis Has Entered The Building

I thought he was a sure thing for Charlton, but I'm pleased that he has signed for Celtic; if, for no other reason, than the fact that it turns up the heat on Romanov. I'm petty like that.

Mmm, isn't Hartley a Celtic supporter?


Reidski said...

yes, a good signing, I would say. Even if he is over 30, he will still be better than anything else we have in central defence for the next couple of seasons. From what I've seen in the past month or so - which isn't much I must admit - Darren O Day is the best of them.
And Hartley is a Celtic supporter - remember his answer to a questionnaire when he was at Millwall: Q: what are your hates. A: Rangers, they are all Orange bastards!


timesnewroman said...

Happy New Year Darren. Reckon Pressley was a steal.