Friday, June 22, 2012

The Next 30 Day Song Challenge - day 22

Day 22 - Your favourite song from the 80's

These two songs are probably my two favourite songs of the 80s - if not of all time - but you knew that already, so why repost them again?

Instead I'll plump for another song which (probably) also features in my all time top ten, and which is quintessentially 80s, and you can't necessarily say the same for the aforementioned classics by The Smiths and The Jam.

Possibly the last great new pop single of the 80s - hyperbole anyone? - it's cited by everyone and their mother as one of their all time favourite singles and yet it only reached 21 in the charts when released in '85. If only a tenth of the people who gush about it now on music blogs bought it at the time, it would have knocked Jennifer Rush off the number one spot:

And, of course, I didn't buy the single either. I bought the album, A Secret Wish . . . secondhand . . . for a pound . . . in a junk shop next to a laundrette about seven or eight years after it was originally released.

Sorry Claudia . . . and the others.

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