Friday, June 08, 2012

Dog Eats Dog by Iain Levison (Bitter Lemon Press 2006)

In the next room, which Elias clearly used as a study, there was a computer, a desk and papers scattered everywhere. On top of a pile of bills was a manuscript, perhaps sixty pages, entitled Was Hitler Right? An Analysis of Personal Records From the Second World War. Was Hitler right? What the fuck was this? This was the type of shit the Aryan Brotherhood fuckers would read in the joint, only there'd be bigger print and more pictures.

Then he noticed the words "by Elias White." So Elias was a Nazi. He didn't seem like a Nazi - all the Nazis Dixon had known had shaved heads, muscles and tattoos - but you could never tell. What the hell was a college professor doing writing shit like this? Dixon pulled up the office chair next to the computer, sat down, and began to read the great works of Professor Elias White.