Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Next 30 Day Song Challenge - day 20

Day 20 - Your favourite song by a male solo artist

They may hide behind band names but either one of these two classics by two of my all time favourite male solo artists could have been used for today challenge. I'll play both those songs till the day I die.

However, and Kara can testify through gritted teeth about this, this 1948 classic has been the soundtrack of my mind these past few days. I could never get sick of this song . . . unless it's Big Star's version:

And you've got to love the story behind eden ahbez, the bloke who penned this Nat King Cole classic. Hippies in the 1940s! He should have been in the SPGB.


mikeovswinton said...

Great story, but surely the SPGB wouldn't have let him because of his religious views?

Darren said...

True but there was that story in Barltrop's 'The Monument' about an active member in the North East who inadvertently let it slip out after years of active service that he happened to be a buddhist.

The moral is that old adage, 'Never trust a hippy'.

Joking before someone hits me with karma.

Joking before someone hits me with an explanation of what karma actually means.

mikeovswinton said...

Raj had a really funny explanation of what karma means on an episode of Big Bang Theory I saw recently. But as I watch about 5 a night (on E4 or E4+1, or sometimes, if its the one where Amy Farrah Fowler gets a tiara from Sheldon, on E4 THEN also on E4 +1) that could mean it was any of about 700 episodes. Well, it makes me laugh. Not quite as much as Father Ted on More 4 or More 4 + 1 or sometimes - you get the drift. (With Father Ted its "Small, Far Away" and the lingerie store incident. Actually with Father Ted its pretty much any of them. I could sit and watch an 8 hour loop of any of them at a push.)[I have to type "4" to get this through. Honest. You couldn't make it up.]

mikeovswinton n pasadena said...

Seems to be that if you are nasty to a friend you get reborn as a tree slug. So that's cleared that up for you. (They showed the episode concerned last night on E4 just before the football "match". Italy should hang their heads in shame that they needed to go to penalties.)

Darren said...

What's this rumour that Owen Coyle is signing half of Rangers? Did I just dream that?

(Sorry, I don't have anything to add about BBT. I loved the first couple of series and for some reason we stopped watching it. No reflection on the show itself. It just fell off our watching schedule.)