Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Next 30 Day Song Challenge - day 05

Day 05 - A song that would make a great national anthem
Is the Jubilee bollocks all over yet? Surely as an ex-pat of seven years standing I should be watching classic episodes of Eastenders in a string vest and my Union Jack underpants at this point? And yet I'm still indifferent to all. I can't even work up the quite justifiable outrage over the cost of the pomp in an age of recession and the outpouring of sycophancy from all and sundry that will be directed at Liz and her hanger-ons.

I guess if you're living in England you can kill two three birds with one stone and leave the Jubilee bunting and flags up for the forthcoming European Championship and Olympics. Great for the pocket and the environment; not so great for that factory in China that manufactures all the Union Jacks and other such patriotic paraphernalia for such sideshows.

That's my roundabout way of saying that I'm not up for suggesting a great national anthem, but I'll always stick by this great song as a candidate for a wonderful workers' anthem. Pretty much for reasons outlined in this old post.

Speed the day when it is Jarvis's head that adorns a postage stamp:

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