Monday, August 31, 2009

Tepper Isn't Going Out by Calvin Trillin (Random House 2001)

"I wouldn't have thought you were a reader of the East Village Rag." Tepper said. "Is there something I've missed about you all these years?"
My niece sent it to me," Gordon said. "She lives on Rivington Street. I don't know if that's included in what they call the East Village. We still call it the Lower East Side. You don't even want to know what she paid for the apartment. A co-op. A co-op on Rivington Street! I told her that her great-grandparents worked sixteen hours a day just to get out of Rivington Street. What was cooperative about those buildings when they lived in them was the bathroom. Now whatever miserable cold-water flat my grandparents lived in has probably been made into a co-op. For all we know, that may be her co-op. She may be paying thousands to live in the place her great-grandparents worked themselves to death so their children wouldn't have to live in. What a city."


Kara said...

Ha! I lived on Rivington (as I'm sure I've mentioned several times before) in the late 90s. I paid a ridiculous amount to live there, even then. $1350 for a one-bedroom. I did love it though.

I bet the same apartment (right above Moby's restaurant now) goes for $2500, or something obscene like that. But if I (we) could afford it, I'd live on the LES or in the East Village in a heartbeat.

Darren said...

That's unfair. You know I've set my heart on us moving to Staten Island one day.