Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hannibal Buress . . . remember this guy's name

Give yourself a treat and watch this clip of stand up, Hannibal Buress, from Jimmy Fallon's talk show from a few days back. I haven't laughed so much in the longest time, and if you don't get a kick out of the apple juice routine, then I have a few 'How I Met Your Mother' dvd's that I'd like to sell to you.

Never heard of him before, but he's going to be big.

*Apologies for you having to sit through the 30 second advert before the routine kicks in but I couldn't find the clip on YouTube. By way of compensation, here's another clip of Hannibal Buress from the Comix Comedy Club, NYC from July of this year. A lot of its the same routine from the Jimmy Fallon show but stay with it as he diverts into different material in the second part of the routine. Funny, funny stuff.

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