Wednesday, August 05, 2009

'Felix Dzerzhinsky, your boys took one hell of a beating today.'

I really wasn't expecting that. A very nice surprise and a very classy goal from Samaras.

According to the BBC Report, Celtic could get the likes of Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Lyon, Stuttgart or Fiorentina in the next round and, as I'm not expecting Celtic to progress too far in the Champions League, I wouldn't mind them drawing one of the bigger clubs asap.

Bring on the Gunners.


naldo said...

I'm no great fan of the Hoops but was delighted by their success tonight if only for the marvellous sight of Jackie Bird's coupon as she announced the score on the late Reporting Scotland. She looked like she'd just swallowed her own shite.


The best thing about either half of the evil empire winning is nearly always the reaction of the other mob's fans.

Darren said...

What would Scottish football be without its malevolence? ;-)

I can't wait for the draw on Friday. Hope we get a quality team to go out to. To go down in a blaze of faded glory is always best.

naldo said...

Acht there's plenty malevolence at Embra derbies.

If J Bird has to announce the result again, i want Shellic to win that Champs League Cup thing.

Shareen Nanjiani would've had the decency to smile. She's wasted on the radio.