Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sick as 25,000 canaries

A quick add-on to the bloodbath that occurred at Carrow Road today.

SC over on Facebook picked out this gem of a quote from yesterday's Guardian:

John Ashdown, predicting promotion in yesterday's Guardian: "Norwich look the strongest of the relegated teams despite the departures of Lee Croft and Sammy Clingan. Bryan Gunn's squad is full of players who have impressed at this level before and, with 25,000 expected at Carrow Road tomorrow, optimism doesn't seem in short supply. Question marks still hang over Gunn's ability in the dug out, however." (Quoted here.) Time to revisit that assessment.

Looking at this picture below that I snaffled from the BBC Sports website, it looks like a couple of Norwich fans want to discuss that question mark (and a few stars) with Bryn Gunn personally.

Have you noticed that the riled up fans who get pissed off and want to invade the pitch to have a one on one with managers, players, referees etc, etc are never the fans wearing the replica tops?

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