Monday, October 20, 2008

Owen Eugene Youngs-O'Neil borrows this blog for one time only . . . he prefers Wordpress

'I'm only three days old and I already need a haircut.'

"I refuse to go to the same place that dad goes to. According to mum, his barber never cuts his bangs right.'

'I still can't believe Chris Iwelumo missed that sitter.'

'This green and white hat will do until I get my Glasgow Celtic bunnet from Uncle Graham.'

'Go figure. Turns out I share the same birthday as this well-known Eugene and, therefore, people will assume that I was named after him but I was actually named after that lesser-known Eugene. Don't ask me why. I understand that it's an Indiana/Socialist thing.'

'PS - You didn't ask for a speech, but I'm giving one anyway.

'Thank you to Auntie Anne for taking the pics. You've really captured my best side. I'm sure I will work with you again.

'Thanks for all comments in the post below. Really appreciated . . . even if you do all come across as a bunch of scruffs with varying tastes in music, politics and football . . . Dad, did you write this speech?

' I'm off to investigate wordpress - blogger's so 2005 - and then I have plans to disrupt the sleeping patterns of a certain twosome I know for the next couple of years.'


stuart said...

Beautiful baby! And they're usually such mingers!
Many congratulations to you both

dr. who said...

What a bloody beautiful little critter! Congratulations! Dr. Who

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Excellent pics - my, tis the season for big babies isn't it? I was a scrap compared to young Owen Eugene Young-O'Neil. Special hug to Kara for safe carriage of youngster into the world.

J.J said...

Oh wow! I have been awaiting this news but hadn't liked to ask.

A little beauty. Many, many congratulations!

ajohnstone said...

congrats ...especially to the mum.

Now is the time to start saving for his season ticket ---- to Easter Road :-)

Darren said...

Thanks for the kind comments. They're all very much appreciated.

Alan, if he ends up a Hibbee it'll be my fault. All those months of me banging on about Derek Riordan will have no doubt taken effect in his subconscious.

Kevin Williamson said...

Cute wee thing. Congrats to the mother for all her laboured efforts. And congrats to the dad for doing the easy bit. :-) Have fun. Make him a Hibee.

John said...

Yikes, only just caught up with this. Apologies for not visiting the blog more regularly. ;-)

Congratulations to the pair of you. He looks like a beautiful baby anarchist.

Got his mother's looks, too, thank God!!

Best wishes to you all.

Darren said...

"Got his mother's looks, too, thank God!!"

My exact words on first seeing him. ;-)

Quickly followed by, 'Please don't let him have Kara's taste in music'.

prolerat said...

I dont know how I missed this event.He is jist puir dead brilliant so he is.