Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nick Lowe once sang, 'I love my label'

Probably the first and last time I will use this label on the blog:

'Confusing the WRP for the RCG - we've all done it'

Ian Rankin was in his mid-twenties and still a student at Edinburgh University when he wrote that passage. I'm guessing he was settling some old student union scores. The bloke would be a natural for writing guest posts for Harry's Place.


Sarah Silverman said...


long time reader, first time commentator.

I was wondering why you choose to link to such a recent post from your blog?

Darren said...

Hello Sarah,

Thanks for asking.

I totally agree that it's rather unusual but what with the recent avalanche of weekly bulletins posted on the blog, I was scared that my readership would miss out on that wee gem from Ian Rankin.

The passage has everything: the everyman's confusion about the far left . . . the stereotyped reference to the lefty turned yuppie that was so beloved of cultural commentators and old fogies from that period in the mid to late eighties . . . and some clunking leftspeak dialogue that had Jack Lemmon's Jerry/Daphne piping up from the back with the classic line, 'Nobody talks like that!'

Sarah Silverman said...


thanks for taking the time out to explain your blogging action. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate your connection with your readership.


PS - Loved that 'every few minutes' joke on your Spam Factoty post. If Jimmy had been that consistently witty, we'd still be together.