Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do They Mean Us? #19

Has it really been 14 months? Wee Owen has a lot to answer for.

The unexpected return of an occasional series on the blog which was prompted by this recent post on the SPGB discussion list:

"I've been reading Ken MacLeod's novel The Night Sessions. It's a near-future thriller where religion is marginalised but fundamentalists plan violent resistance. At one point, a document is quoted as follows:
'The Congregation of the Third Covenant, therefore, calls upon the true Protestant Church and People of Scotland and the other Revolution States ... to muster under its banner, and to wage war upon the apostate Churches ... '
Wonder where he got some of the phraseology from.

Longstanding readers of the blog will know that Mr MacLeod is a friendly critic of the Party, which makes a nice change. (The friendly bit, I mean.)

And the SPGB as inspiration for some fictionalised 'Wee Free'ers'? Why not. Wasn't the first ever SPGB branch in Scotland in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire in around about 1909/1910 period? We both have enough dourness to spare.

Hat tip to PB for the Ken MacLeod spot.

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Ken said...

Nice catch!

I think I'd written the passage before the echo of the D of P became conscious ...