Monday, February 26, 2007

Quote of the Day

Lest we forget:

"General envy constituting itself as a power is the disguise in which greed re-establishes itself and satisfies itself, only in another way. The thought of every piece of private property as such is at least turned against wealthier private property in the form of envy and the urge to reduce things to a common level, so that this envy and urge even constitute the essence of competition. Crude communism is only the culmination of this envy and of this levelling-down proceeding from the preconceived minimum. It has a definite, limited standard." [From Marx's Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844]

I couldn't help but be reminded of that quote from 'the good german' after reading some of the comments generated by Dave O's two most recent posts.

Of course, I could just be flanneling.

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Reidski said...

That Ice-T quote about Vanilla Ice is pure class - brought a huge smile to my face.
And I think I get your point - bickering over what class someone is or isn't and bickering over how much salary someone has really is missing the point about trying to build a new and more equal society! On the other hand, if that shows that I misunderstand the point you were subtly making, then I'll go back to school - but not as a teacher ;-)