Friday, February 16, 2007

'I preferred the Rockford Files'

First of all, get the obscure joke out of the way; the title of the post refers to this. Sorted? Good.

Now, why is someone scurrying about the USA running off graffiti stencils of James P. Cannon? I guess that the more obvious explanation is that someone has a warped sense of how one goes about recruiting to the FCFC, but I'm clinging to the hope that my original flight of fancy explanation is proved correct.

From overexposure to spray paint fumes, a later-day Johnny Appleseed - half Banksy, half Dave Spart - is now on a fucked up mission to immortalize obscurantist lefty politicos from the last century across the backwaters of America. Look out for Eric, Raya and Gus on a concrete breeze block near you in the coming weeks.

Hat tip to the SWPUSA supporter in North Carolina, whose image above gave me the excuse for yet another fluff post.

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angelina pitt said...

I wonder where they get their ideas (lol) ...