Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday's Playlist #7

An ongoing series:

  • Love of Diagrams, 'No Way Out' (Love of Diagrams EP)
  • The Rogers Sisters, 'Freight Elevator' (Three Fingers)
  • The Grates, 'Rock Boys' (Gravity Won't Get You High)
  • Teenage Fanclub, 'The World'll Be OK' (Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Seconds: A Short Cut To Teenage Fanclub)
  • Spoon, 'Jonathan Fisk' (Kill The Moonlight)
  • James Brown Is Annie, 'Planet Betamax'
  • Love of Diagrams, 'Theme'
  • Graham Coxon, 'Standing On My Own Again' (Love Travels At Illegal Speeds)
  • 1990s, 'You Were Supposed To Be My Friend'
  • The Shins, 'Sea Legs' (Wincing The Night Away)
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