Thursday, February 15, 2007

Letter of the (last) week

Nearly missed the canny letter cut and pasted below from last week's Weekly Worker.

Whilst most people in the lefty blogosphere were killing themselves laughing/frothing with anger/denouncing the CPGB-PCC for being sectarian scandalmongers spewing out at a Private Eye lite gossip sheet (delete as appropriate) over either the WW's front page image or the interview with newly selected Respect candidate, Yasir Idris, tucked inside the front page was a wee two paragraphed letter that succinctly cuts through all the crap of so-called 'socialism from above':

Sick society?

The Morning Star last week was delighted to report that Cuban leader Fidel Castro had recovered sufficiently from serious illness to be shown on TV meeting Hugo Chávez.

While wishing the comrade well, we have to ask why his health is apparently so important to the success of Cuba as a state. Why are socialist societies so fragile, and so undemocratic, that their stability relies on the continued public appearances of elderly leaders? Surely, at 80, Castro should be allowed to retire and a new government should be elected by the population. It creates a poor impression of the quality of democracy under socialism that its enemies eagerly await, and its friends dread, the consequences of the death of a single sick old man.

Zoe Ellwin


Leaders need not reply.

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