Monday, February 19, 2007

So Sad About Us*

Erm, well I guess I could go with 'Funeral Pyre' or maybe 'I've Changed My Address' or 'The Great Depression' or 'Music For The Last Couple' or 'Running On The Spot', or even, at a stretch, 'Scrape The Barrel Away', but I'll settle for 'Sad Bastards Reunion Tour'**.

*The Jam covering The Who.

**Obscure b-side. It was on the flip side of the limited edition Japanese only release of 'Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero?'


Will said...

my life is flashing before me.


Edward the Bonobo said...

Look on the positive side...Weller maintains his credibility.

incidentally...many years ago, I read a quote from Foxton in a Vox magazine interview with him and Buckler:
"I think Paul's fire's gone out." This was a couple of years before Wildwood.