Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad Santa

Click on the pic above for a cartoon clip of what I think might qualify as Bill O'Reilly's favourite cartoon character.

Doesn't it remind you of something else? Maybe not . . . I'm always claiming credit for the SPGB where it isn't due.

Though it does definitely remind me of a true story that I once read in a situationist pamphlet - maybe from one of the booklets in Larry Law's 'Spectacular Times' series, maybe not - about a kid in Canada who got in trouble with the authorities for writing to his local press with the suggestion that Santa Claus was a communist, because of his red apparel and his insistence ton giving presents away for free.

Either way, I should give the present of a hat tip to Will Rubbish for bringing Captain Capitalism to my attention.


John said...

I think it was in Buffo!, the compendium of Situ pranks that accompanied the Spectacular Times series.

I liked the description of the time King Mob all dressed up as Santa, went into shops on Oxford Street, and started giving toys off the shelves to kids.

Children were presented with the edifying spectacle of the police taking toys back off them.

I think that was the description.

Darren said...

That is genius, and should be done every year. ;-)

Reidski said...

"I Saw Commies Kissing Santa Claus" - class!
And also class is the Situationists' prank!