Monday, December 10, 2007

Reasons To Be Impossibilist: The Historical Place Of The SPGB

One for the political anoraks out there.

As hinted at in a previous post, via ZShare, I've uploaded an SPGB talk/lecture that dates from the early eighties (I've never been able to find the exact date or location of the talk, but I'm guessing the talk was organised by the old Islington Branch of the SPGB and that it dates from 81/82.)

The talk is entitled 'The Historical Place of the SPGB', and the speaker was Steve Coleman who, for many years, was an excellent speaker and writer for the SPGB but who dropped out of the Party about 6 or 7 years ago. He actually did his PhD on the early history of the SPGB, so I'm guessing that part of the talk is based on the research undertaken for his doctorate.

What with mentions of the Scottish District Council of the SDF, the Shoreditch Conference, Percy Freiburg and the impossibilist current within the Finsbury Park branch of the SDF, the talk is rather specialised and maybe not everybody's cup of tea but I hope some readers will give it a chance as they may find it of interest.

I also hope the sound quality is good enough. The recording was ripped from a cassette, and though the sound quality of the contributions from the audience at these early eighties SPGB meetings were always below par, the main speaker was always audible enough. (Insert conspiracy theory here.)

The audio file is split into two parts. As this is an experiment at my end, let me know if there were any glitches in downloading the mp3 files. I've got some other talks from the same period, and if this upload works without any hitch I'll upload the other talks when I get the inclination.

First Part

DOWNLOAD LINK: The Historical Place of the SPGB

FILE NAME: 01 Historical Place (Part 1).mp3

FILE SIZE: ~58.31 megabytes

LENGTH: 1:03:13

Second Part

DOWNLOAD LINK: The Historical Place of the SPGB

FILE NAME: 02 Historical Place (Part 2).mp3

FILE SIZE: ~51.39 megabytes

LENGTH: 55:42

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