Monday, December 31, 2007

Socialist Standard Gets a Revamp

January 2008 brings with it a revamped and expanded Socialist Standard. Check it out now, 'cos you never know when I will get round to posting the contents on the blog.


Karl-Marx-Straße said...

How many (badly designed?) revamps does the Standard need? When I was a lad, the design quite rightly looked like it almost dated from 1904, (ok: perhaps 1984) and it should have stayed that way. But no, lots of flash new fonts, garish colours, aaaaargh. It seems to have improved visually since then, though, if only because a full-colour cover is better than any attempt using 2 or 3 colours.

Imposs1904 said...


As I'm usually the first person to stick the boot into the Socialist Standard - that's my size 8s on the front cover of this month's Socialist Standard - I actually think you're being unduly harsh on the design of the Socialist Standard.

To put it kindly, its design goes through phases. In the early eighties it was visually outstanding, and even the contents were top notch, which perhaps reflected the fact that the Party itself was going through a spurt of rapid growth and increased activity during that time.

Again, in the mid nineties - can't remember the exact years - the Standard looking visually outstanding when a comrade who had a printshop on the Shankhill Road printed the Socialist Standard for a couple of years. (Could I make this stuff up?)

And I would say that in the last couple of years the Standard has been looking good again, through the work of a couple of comrades in Lancaster Branch who just happen to have an eye - and sense of humour - for these sort things.

Granted there has been many years inbetween when the design of the Standard has not been *cough* as good, and if you follow the link you will see the good mixed in with the bad.

This month's revamp?

Just the fact that the Standard has gone up to 24 pages this month, and as it happens to coincide with my ongoing bloggers block, it allows me the excuse to squeeze out another post on the blog announcing the fact. ;-)