Monday, December 24, 2007

This Blogger Looks Skeptical

Does late December qualify as the 'funny season'?

Just asking, 'cos I'm not sure how I feel about the rumours that Celtic are looking to sign James McFadden on loan for the rest of the season.

Strachan took a player - yep, I'm banging on about him again - who was the leading scorer for his previous club three seasons in a row and who also won the Scottish PFA Young Player of the Year during that time, and by virtue of never giving him a decent run in the side has now ensured that the said player has unfairly been saddled him with the tag of 'mercurial'.

But what's really mercurial is that somehow Strachan can waste such a free flowing talent as Riordan these past two years, to the extent that sooner rather than later Riordan will be playing football at Filbert Street the Walkers Stadium, Carrow Street and Ashton Gate week in and week out, and then proceed to seek to sign on loan a player who is having to head north because of his current club manager's inability to give him decent run in the team because, in spite of his obvious free flowing footballing talent, he is seen as too mercurial a player for his workmanlike team.

Work that one out!

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Phil said...

Tsk, you know you've been in the US too long when you start spelling like our transatlantic cousins. Shame!!!!