Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday's Playlist #26

An ongoing series:

  • (59) Soft Cell, 'What?' (Non-stop Ecstatic Dancing)
  • (34) Duran Duran, 'Save A Prayer' (Rio)
  • (22) Depeche Mode, 'Leave In Silence' (A Broken Frame)
  • (21) Ultravox, 'Reap The Wild Wind' (Quartet)
  • (17) ABC, 'All Of My Heart' (Lexicon Of Love)
  • (16) Simple Minds, 'Glittering Prize' (New Gold Dream, 81,82,83)
  • (13) Carly Simon, 'Why'
  • (8) Mari Wilson, 'Just What I Always Wanted' (Show People)
  • (7) Evelyn Champagne King, ''Love Come Down' (Get Loose)
  • (6) Shalamar, 'There It Is' (Friends)
  • I wasn't going to do a playlist this week. Too much listening to Fad Gadget, Diesel Park West and Billy Childish adds up to a limited choice for a playlist, but what with Steve Coleman's 10/10/82 talk falling into my lap late last night, I thought I would conjure up a playlist from the charts from that particular week.
    I can't say with any authority that SPGB members back in '82 were listening to the songs selected, but I know that I was.
    If you fiddle about with the boombox at the top of the post, you can listen to them today. Cheers.


    Reidski said...

    Still don't get that Duran shit. And Ultravox after John Foxx left were utter shite. Apart from those two, some nice tunes. I always think the '80s get a bad deal, there was terrific music in that decade! Apart from Duran and Ultravox, of course.

    Imposs1904 said...

    I'll concede you Ultravox, but I can't understand why you can't embrace the Church of Le Bon.

    Granted they went a bit off round about the 7 and the Ragged Tiger phase for a couple of years, but I think after that - save the covers album debacle - they've been pretty consistent in producing good pop music. Check out the latest album, 'Red Carpet Massacre': it's bloody good!

    What groups can say they've made a half decent album 26 odd years after their debut? U2 and Simple Minds bloody can't.

    Come on Reidski. Wipe your feet, put a comb through your hair and adjust your skinny tie . . . and come towards the pop music light.

    You know it's what your 13 year old self would have wanted. ;-)