Sunday, December 02, 2007

Time Machine

The 50 Years Ago column in this month's Socialist Standard has an excerpt of a canny article from a Mr R. Coster - a/k/a Robert Barltrop - author of the 'The Monument - the Story of the Socialist Party of Great Britain'.

Yep, this post qualifies as a space filler whilst I'm listening to an mp3 of a John Peel Show from 13th May 1981. Just played the brilliant 'Dear John' by the Au Pairs, but what's this shite following it? Discharge? Christ on a frigging bike.

Further Reading: Robert Barltrop's weekly column in the Newham Recorder. Interesting to have a quick glance through these columns, because obviously there are occasions when he refers to past SPGBers in what is, in the main, an apolitical column. The 'H' he mentions in his most recent column was this bloke. Happy hunting for all you SPGB anoraks out there.

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