Friday, December 21, 2007

Solidarity at Christmas

  • Via the Socialist Unity Blog, comes the news that The Scottish Steering Committee of the Socialist Workers Party have decided to do a rewrite of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. New proposed title for the caledonian version of the 1930s classic self-help book? 'Chib Them Before They Chib You'
  • Via the Glasgow Herald - and the left blogosphere - comes the news that Solidarity only elected representative, Glasgow City Council member, Ruth Black, has defected from Solidarity to join the Labour Party. Being a person of the deepest political integrity, Councillor Black will be resigning her seat, and fighting the subsequent by-election as the Labour Party candidate (but only after first putting herself forward for selection as the Labour Party candidate, of course*).
  • But it's not all bad news for the Solidarity camp, George Lucas has directed a YouTube video defending Tommy Sheridan against Darth Murdoch and the recent perjury charges.
  • *I'm lying.


    ajohnstone said...

    It still annoys the hell out of me that groups as small as Solidarity can produce effective short Flsh video clips such as that one . And we of the WSM can't even get a good slide-show together ( although you made a brave attempt )

    Darren said...

    What "brave attempt"?

    The Socialist Standard covers thingy? That was for my own personal indulgence. I never even thought of it as a propaganda device.

    And, btw, that Solidarity YouTube clip was pish. That was why I linked to it. ;-)

    Reidski said...

    Must agree with you Darren. That Youtube clip is embarrassing. I like the comments it is generating also.

    Will said...

    Sometimes it is better to do nothing than something.

    You should know that by now.

    Especially being a member of the SPGB ;)

    Darren said...


    I'm not leaving my armchair to answer that dig. ;-)