Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scottish SWP's Popular Front Of Especial Spite

Further to this earlier post on the blog.

Following the sighting of this article in today's Herald, it looks like their Chief Scottish Political Correspondent, Robbie Dinwoodie, has been refreshing the Socialist Unity Blog page. It's a shame that he couldn't have the netiquette to at least namecheck the blog that provides him with the story.

Btw, it turns out that in a past life Robbie Dinwoodie was a callow youth in the Edinburgh Branch of the SPGB in the early seventies. To paraphrase that old story about Pete Best, 'Where did it all go right?'


Will said...

The comments on that Herald piece are something to behold.

Darren said...

Read some of them last night. Makes the blogosphere seem quaint by comparison. ;-)

Darren said...

PS - Read all the comments.

People really need to get past the 'Life of Brian' jokes. ;- )