Sunday, December 23, 2007

STT Records

Finally got round to checking out the Pitchfork Music website for the first time in months, and spotted a couple of links that might interest someone:

  • Even he's banging on about The Wire. We should check it out.Guest List
  • Look who's squatting at number one? Yeah, whatever. Top 100 Albums of the 1980s

    Kara said...

    "spotted a couple of links that might interest someone"

    robert said...

    Oh do catch up with the Wire! Magnificent, it is.
    By the way, the boys and girls who use OneBigTorrent are simply lapping up the Kautsky and Plekhanov! Over 40 downloads each since yesterday afternoon when I posted it. More popular than the Historical Place of the SPGB thus far. I'll do the others a.s.a.p.
    Don't spose you got any tapes of Party debates with 'enemies', have ya?
    As you're such a style-guru, am I allowed to like Ed Harcourt? Just hearing his groovy version of 'In the Bleak Midwinter' which is one of the few tolerable carols around.

    Darren said...

    Don't tell me about the Wire, tell the commentator above you. ;-)

    Nice to hear that the talks are being downloaded. I'll upload the final two in the series in the next two days.

    Sorry, but I don't have any of the debates for uploading. We should prod the comrades on SPOPEN to make further talks available.

    Darren said...

    PS - Ed Harcourt?

    The name rings a bell. I'll have to reach into the recesses of my mind for an ill-informed half-baked opinion. ;-)