Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Menshevik Internationalist Misprint

Damn, if only I'd released it a week earlier, it could have been the Christmas number one.

Six hours after uploading the final talk in the, Socialist Thinkers Series, ZShare is telling me that the second part of the talk on Martov has been downloaded over 2000 times. Which is kind of strange because 1) It's a 25 year old SPGB talk on Julius Martov . . . and 2) The first part has only been downloaded 28 times.

Now I know from listening to old Oasis and Smiths singles, that B sides can sometimes be the more interesting of the tracks released but I'm thinking misprint, rather than internet sleeper phenomenon for 2007/08.

Which is a shame really, 'cos for a nano-second, I could picture the mixed review on the Newsnight Late Show, the front cover of Time magazine, and, of course, the audiobook of the talk, as read by Martin Jarvis.

Maybe with the next batch of SPGB talks.

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