Thursday, May 31, 2007

Off To A Good . . .

Many pizza slices ago when I got the Normblog treatment, I took the opportunity to cite Pandagon as one of my three favourite blogs, so it's only in keeping that I give a special mention to their new offshoot.

Panda Songs is that mp3 blog that I've always wanted but never had the bandwidth or the tech know-how to get it beyond the 'wouldn't it be nice' nope, no Beach Boys tracks on the imagined blog, before you ask stage.

It gets an especial mention 'cos unlike the rest of America, Amanda Marcotte succumbed to the charms of The Jam, and she has chosen their 1980 classic, Start - the one with the ripped off bassline from 'Taxman' - as her latest post to the blog.

I know that it isn't a big deal on one side of the Atlantic that 'Start' is readily available as a free download, but I'm not on that side.


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