Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Istanbul, Athens and a Jeffrey Daniel Impersonation

Kaka versus Mascherano . . . Gerrard versus Gattuso . . . Harry Kewell wearing an alice band.

All burning topics of debate for tonight's final - which of course will be a damp squib of a match after all the build up and the recent past history between the two clubs in this competition - but the real burning question is not even the small matter of which side of Glasgow claims the greater glory tonight if Milan win: R*ngers for the Gattuso connection or Celtic, 'cos of Milan hammering them one-zero in the last 16 of the competition?

Nope, the question I'm asking myself is whether or not I can do a repeat of this stream of consciousness if the final measures up to even half the drama of that crazy night in Istanbul two years ago:

Solipcism and Scousers

Those days of the 5000 word posts on the blog are long gone. Thank you You Tube for intervening before the RSI became too much.

With regards to who is going to win tonight?: My head says Milan 'cos of Kaka and Seedorf, but my heart says Liverpool because of Scully and the off-chance that Peter Crouch will do his robotic dance again if he scores tonight.

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Will said...

"Thank you You Tube for intervening before the RSI became too much."

Another classic.