Saturday, May 12, 2007

TV Dinners

Picture the scene: a cold windswept garret in Brooklyn, trying to negotiate ever-increasing lukewarm mouthfuls of Chef Boyarde* on toast whilst watching re-runs of Murder She Wrote on TNT.

But that's enough about my Saturday night last week: check out the latest post from the Gourmet Peasant blog, for a course by course report of Kara and her friend Maddy gorging themselves at the fanch schmancy restaurant, Aliseo Osteria del Borgo, in Brooklyn, on the self-same Saturday night.

You can scroll down the post for a picture of Kara enjoying the banquet feast. She's so happy in the picture 'cos she'd just taken a phone call from me where I informed her that I'd just tivo'ed an episode of Murder She Wrote that she hadn't seen before.

*For my British readers, 'Chef Boyarde' is the American equivalent of Spaghetti Hoops.


Will said...

Alphabet Spaghetti is also good.

You can read while you eat.

Madeline said...

Chef Boyarde on toast huh? I'll have to do an entry on that combo. And I used tp loved Murder She Wrote!