Friday, May 04, 2007

Scottish Elections 2007 - Ouch

The figure to note is the 10,759 votes for the Green Party, which ensured that Patrick Harvie was re-elected to the Scottish Parliament. Now add up the votes for the SSP and Solidarity:

Solidarity - 8,544 votes
SSP - 2,579 votes

Total - 11,123 votes

That's a sore yin. Curious to see what Sheridan's next move is . . . after the denunciations and recriminations that is.

Daft as it sounds, despite Solidarity outpolling the SSP by nearly 6000 votes in Glasgow, I think the latter has more of a future as a going concern than the shotgun wedding of Sheridan, the Swuppies and the Millies.

The usual suspects on the blogs, messageboards and the yahoo discussion groups will make for interesting reading in the coming weeks.


ajohnstone said...

He'll be looking for a job now and if it is in the media like Derek Hatton will it be on a workers average wage and the rest given to Solidarity ?

Anonymous said...

Anyone think the Scottish Elections were a bit iffy? I mean around 100,000 'spoiled' papers. And not one MSP from a party smaller than the greens?

ajohnstone said...

Colin Fox of SSP got elected on the list . Dreading his crowing at the Mayday parade tomorrow

ajohnstone said...

oooops i got that wrong

Will said...

re: the spoilt ballots:

re: what now for he not planning to go and study to become a lawyer? -- I think i read somewhere that was his plans if he wasn't in parliament.

Re: Colin Fox...Mr Johnstone - how could you have been so wrong?

ajohnstone said...

i googled and read the 2003 elections instead , silly me . Saw and heard him yesterday . Putting on a brave face . But thats a lot of cash in Party funds that both SSP and Solidarity will be losing when 50% of MPs pay into the party ends plus several memebers jobs as parliamentary assistants going .
The unemployment office will be busy next week .
(am i right in thinking the ex-MSPs are entitled to pensions)

Edward the Bonobo said...

Tommy Sheridan...the man who muderered Scottish Socialism out of vanity.

What I foind annoyin was:
a) Solidarity seemed to be polling twice as much as the SSP.
b) The SSP were only marginally ahead of the Nazis. (Still...although this was the first Scottish election in which Nazi posters were in evidence, their share was pleasingly negligible).

My abiding memory of the election was driving home on a sunny evening, a couple of days before. As I passed the (shit - what's that pub called? 1st one over the bridge on Eglinton St, on the crossroads before Bridge St Underground), and outside there was this pished up waster, prancing around shirtless and waving a massive SSP flag at the passing crowds.