Friday, June 01, 2007

Day Tripping

Done* May Days in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and New York. Made it to Tolpuddle; Labour Party Conferences; Anarchist Bookfairs; Left Field at Glastonbury; Globalise Resistance CONferences (remember them?) etc etc, but I never did make it to the Levellers Day at Burford in Oxfordshire. Maybe I will one day.

That's my roundabout way of saying that the latest post to the Socialism Or Your Money Back blog is the text of the leaflet that various SPGB luminaries distributed at last month's Levellers Day event.

*Done can be roughly translated as swapping magazines with the that bloke from the Communist Workers Organisation, swapping witticisms with the Ashbourne Court mob and swiping a bundle of Socialist Reviews from a SWP stall and redistributing the magazine to a grateful working class.


voltaires said...

I thought that bloke was the CWO.

Duncan Money said...

I was at Leveller's Day this year, you didn't miss much.

Well apart from a surreal moment where some SPGB members denounced us as Millies who had stolen their name while at the same time two ageing members of the 'real' SPGB denounced the Clapham-based Socialist Party for capitulating to reformism and stealing their name.

Darren said...


Don't . . .DON'T . . . you're making me all nostalgic for the good things in life. ;-)


'CWO bloke is a nice guy shocker' is a headline not coming to the ICC press anytime soon. (But he is).