Thursday, May 03, 2007

Personal Endorsement

Apparently there are elections taking place today in Britain.

What with my innate "sectarian . . . lumpen, apolitical . . . self-disenfranchised" self, I don't have much of a take on the matter - my inner psephologist geek says otherwise - except:

  • Put it down to little more than ultra-leftoid sectarianism, but I'd love it if Sheridan got a sour coupon face at some point later tonight. If, for nothing else, for this exercise in maniacal self-aggrandisement. Never was the term 'you tube' so appropriately employed.
    Peter Mullan . . . you let me down, man.
  • For personal as much as political reasons, I hope that the SPGB candidate, John Bissett, gets a good vote in the Monkton ward in the local South Tyneside council election tonight. John's one of the best there is. An absolute diamond of a bloke.
    For a (very personalised) account of his election campaign, you can check out his personal blog. Not sure if Will Makem had a role in writing the election commentary, but it's safe to say that it falls into the category of 'unparliamentary language'.
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