Friday, November 10, 2006

Unhappy Birthday

Turns out that Diana Ross was number one with 'I'm Still Waiting' the day I was born. Waiting for what exactly? Socialist revolution? For David Baddiel to tell a funny joke? Maybe for Gordon Legge to take his ballpoint pen out of his ear and actually publish another novel or collection of short stories?

Find out who was number one in the British charts the day you were born via Hit40UK Birthday Calender.

Don't blame me if you find Jive Bunny staring right back at you. That will be your parents fault.

Hat tip to Will Rubbish in his drink soaked capacity.


ProleCat said...

Pretty useless when it dont go back before '52 when real music was being played,the Blues and Jazz an' all the Razamataz.You had to wait for some of 'em to be rediscovered,by stoodent tossers.MattTheRat

Reidski said...

Roy Orbison and Pretty Woman - the reissue, of course, not the original ;-)