Monday, November 27, 2006

The 8th Comment? - it would have been far more authentic if it had been posted at 'Seven Minutes To Midnight'.

Mmm, granted the person stumbled across the blog via a google search for this website, but surely the eighth comment is a wind up?

If it really was the "PART-TIME ROCK STAR, FULL-TIME LEGEND" who checked out the blog, all I can say is that the cheeks are moist at the very thought. 'Story of the Blues', 'Comeback' & 'Sinful' are some of the best pop singles of the eighties. He was the most talented one out of The Crucial Three, and in a just world would have been bigger than Cope and McCulloch combined.

Better nip out to get that comment laminated.


Quick search on google reveals that I was blogging about Pete Wylie and fan letters 18 months ago - scroll down to the final paragraph. I really need to get some new material.


John said...

Fellow Counagoite Griff will be Green with envy.

As opposed to being with Green of Scritti Politti.

That'll be Reidski.

Reidski said...

All this talk is making me very sweaty, shaky and in desperate need of a very dark corner to hide in.

Paulie said...

I met Pete Wylie once, and I have to say that he was one of the most friendly entertaining, self-deprecating famous-people I've ever met. It wouldn't surprise me if it was the man himself.

And if you're reading this Pete, well..... remember those blokes who conned their way into the backstage area at the Phoenix Festival in 1993 and spend the night getting shitfaced with you?

Well, they still remember it fondly.

Alister said...

Have you heard the peel session version of story of the blues?