Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Excuses Have Their Uses

Spotted this wee snippet in amongst the Yahoo News Headlines.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have thought of mentioning it on the blog but, courtesy of the good people at UK Nova, I've been wallowing in a nostalgia that's not even mine these last few days by watching various programmes from the Stiff Weekend that were recently shown on BBC 4. Wonderful anecdotes and footage of the awkward squad that made up of the Stiff Records roster and, if I wasn't such a lazy bastard, I'd write a skittish review of the programmes I watched.

However, that's not why I'm here - here in the here and now - instead I'm making use of the news of the planned exhibition to fall back on the excuse of posting a link (once again) to this wonderful article that appeared in the June 2002 Socialist Standard:

Punk Rock's Silver Jubilee

I'm a sucker for an article that combines music and politics - unless Bono or Chris Martin are involved - and this one ticks all of the necessary boxes. I should also take this opportunity to mention that the author of the piece, Danny, fronts his own band and you can check out their music, lyrics and politics here.


Edward the Bonobo said...

Since you're in a Merika...did you see the Beeb4 Stiff stuff via Google video or YouTube or somthing? Only, I mentioned them to a Merkin friend and she's keen to see them.

I always think of Gil Scott-Heron whenever I drive through Greenock, btw.

Imposs1904 said...

Saw them via the bit torrent site, UK Nova.

It's a brilliant site. Really recommended, but there may be wait on the registration period. They sometimes operate a policy of closing the doors on new people wanting to join.

I hope it works out for your pal.