Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Weather Underground (2002)


Bo said...

I loved this movie. I was gassed in DC in the last big march there. We were no heavy weights, we were just college students who did not think the Viet Nam War was justified or making the world safe for anyone but war profiteers. And our friends were dying while killing folks on the other side of the world!

The Weather Underground reminded me that by creating 'consequences' for big business by blowing their napalm plants, suddenly they found a reason to stop the war! Death of innocents was no problem but rebuilding a facility, well josh, we just can't afford that.


Bo Sewell, Atlanta

Reidski said...

"We were no heavy weights, we were just students..."

What a wonderful human being you are, Bo!

Darren, you ever see Running on Empty? It's a really lovely film.

Darren said...


I thought you'd topped yourself because of the Reign Mowbray. (I guess Millwall's push for a play off place is keeping the pills in the bathroom cabinet . . . for now.)

I have seen Running On Empty (three, maybe, four times). Wonderful film. Bit cheesy at end with River Phoenix but a must see if you like films about radicals. (Rather than radical films.)

I'd also recommend The Weather Underground to anyone passing the blog. (I actually had it lying around on disc for five years before getting round to watching it!)

I can't say I agree with the WU actions or Bo's sentiments in his comment above but I think I can understand the motivations a bit more after watching the film. The murder of Fred Hampton and the actions of Cointelpro - amongst other things - during that period does point to the fact that it was an age of extremes.