Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 2010 Socialist Standard

March 2010 Socialist Standard


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  • Regular Columns

  • Pathfinders Brave New Epsilons
  • Cooking the Books 1 Empty hope
  • Cooking the Books 2 Living without money
  • Material World CARE: International
  • Greasy Pole "...Less Equal Than Others...”
  • Pieces Together Peace Prize?; Debt Ridden Britain; The Gap Widens; "Caring" Capitalism
  • 50 Years Ago Intermingling
  • Main Articles

  • Tony Blair and the Chilcot inquiry Does it matter whether the Iraq War was legal or illegal?
  • Tilting at windmills with a banjo Pete Seeger is now in his 90th year. His songs have always been better than his politics.
  • What is Real Democracy and How Do We Get It? In a month or so the people of Britain will be asked once again to decide which representatives of the ruling class will rule over them for the next four or five years.
  • Capitalism breeds inequality A recent report shows that the reformist actions of the Labour government have not been able to reverse the inequalities that capitalism generates.
  • Ire of the Irate Itinerant Cartoon Strip
  • Letters, Book Reviews, Meetings & Obituary

  • Letters to the Editors: Inflation and Quantitative Easing
  • Book Reviews: Trotsky: a biography by Robert Service; Money by Eric Lonergan; People First Economics edited by David Ransom & Vanessa Baird
  • Socialist Party Meetings: Clapham, Manchester & Norwich:
  • Obituary: Cyril Evans
  • Voice From The Back

  • Capitalism is worldwide; A Grateful Nation; Class Division; Mother of the Free

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