Saturday, March 06, 2010


Poor bastards. Burnley, I mean.

I'm not sure if the results below qualify as a 6-pointer or a 12-pointer, but my inkling that both Coyle managed clubs would be relegated this season looks like its way off beam. Thing is; you know that if Bolton were to get relegated that they're one of those clubs who would bounce back into the Premiership at some point.

Burnley? Well, they'll always have . . . damn, I can't find the wiki link for the 1959/60 season.

Christ, that away record is a car crash. They can't complain.


mikeovswinton said...

Well I hope you are right about Bolton staying up. Watching Stewart Holden getting his shin broken by that cultured Dutch total footballer from the Wastelands (Manchester in joke alert)De Jong the other night made me wonder whether there some sort of weird football karma attached to us this year for appointing Owen Coyle. (Mark Davies' injury at Arsenal, which of course couldn't have happened because its Arsenal players who are targeted according to Arsne W - Gary Cahill's weird arm blood clot, the apparent jekyll and hyde of Johan Elmander - can't hit a barn door for Bolton, scores crackers with a plomb for Sweden).
As for the Clarets; well, I have to say that Brian Laws was their Gary Megson moment. And then some.

Darren said...

Is Cahill out for the season? It wasn't that long ago that he was being touted for Capello's World Cup squad.

That's a bit harsh on Megson, tbh. He's never been loved as a manager but he was always relatively successful wherever he went. (Successful as in keeping his teams heads above water.)

Laws looked liked he overreached himself at Sheffield Wednesday, so you wonder what Burnley were thinking when they appointing him. Next season's parachute payments probably.

mikeovswinton said...

BW are playing it quite cute about Gary Cahill, and I believe that things are not quite as drastic as initially feared. But given the Terry situation and the calling up of the likes of Ryan Shawcross, Gary Cahill must be cursing his luck. If he's lucky he may be in action before the season ends. Holden may just be OK for the USA effort at the World Cup as well.

I ran with Megson and against the pack at Bolton for some time. But he had such a relentlessly negative approach you sometimes wondered what the point of going to matches was. And rather guarded comments from the players are starting to suggest that what did for him was losing the dressing room - there were fairly well publicised bust ups. When you've lost the fans and the players, the board can't be far behind. (And some of the things the players are coming out with suggest that the 2 are connected.) As Kevin Nolan noted when Little Sam got the bullet - there's only one manager and a chairman can't sack a squad of 20 players in the middle of the season.

Fray Bentos meat pies? Come on, settle down now. As a vegan I shouldn't approve, but I have an awful feeling that scientific examination may prove otherwise. Bit like Fanta in post war Germany.

mikeovswinton said...

Sod the away record. If you lose to Portsmouth and Wolves at home you are in trouble. Easy to say on the back of a satisfying 4-0 win against the Piemen.