Monday, March 08, 2010

Whatever happened to the dislikely lads?

They must have finally remembered their password. It's back up and gurning:

Counterfire? That was the website that was set up by the dissidents in the SWP late last year when Rees, German and co were fighting a rearguard action for the life, soul and a seat on the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party.

The website was taken down under instruction from the SWP CC because it was viewed as factional activity by the Left Platform. (Turns out they were right.)

Now that the 60 or so members of the LP have either decamped or been expelled from the SWP, the website's out the blocks and picking up speed. With 60 plus members - amongst that number there's some very talented individuals - they're already bigger than the likes of the Weekly Worker; Workers Power and Permanent Revolution and not much smaller than the likes of AWL or Socialist Resistance, so they (and their snazzy website) are definitely ones to watch in the British Left Blogosphere.

If I was going to use a football analogy, I'd say that they probably see themselves as the FC United of the Trotskyist Left at the moment. For their sake, I wouldn't want to stretch that analogy too far, though, because after a strong start FC United are currently stalled in mid-table mediocrity in the Northern Premier League Premier Division. (Aren't I being overly generous on a Monday morning for the latest rehash of Generals Without Armies? I must be on a sugar rush.)

Amongst other things, they're offering the rest of us 'Leninism in the 21st century' as part of their introduction to Counterfire. I suggest they handpick their four burliest members and install them on the door of the blog. The comments looking to push their way in uninvited won't be pretty and will be looking to cause trouble.

Hat tip to MP over at Leftist Trainspotters.


mikeovswinton said...

The FC United of the left? What, they don't have their own premises and rent from some party that does? Or - they don't have their own paper that no one reads (or sells) but are given a column in someone else's? I'm clearly not up to speed here. Leninism in the 21st Century? Wasn't there enough in the 20th? More than enough maybe.

mikeovswinton said...

And it is tempting to suggest that given the contents of her Sex Class and Socialism, Ms German has a certain degree of chutzpah to write a 21st century Feminist manifesto.

Alister said...

I am seriously behind with my leftist trainspotting, someone just told me Socialist Appeal had a big split.