Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quite Ugly One Week

I don't want to dwell on Black Box too much, but have a gander at the top ten British singles the week St Mirren beat Celtic 1-0 at Love Street back in '89

And some people wonder why I battened down the musical hatches in 1981 and have refused to come back up ever since.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right, now look at the same week in 1981...

mikeovswinton said...

Generally dreck, for sure, although Mas que nada is good, and Danny Wilson is the only band I'm aware of named after a Swinton stand off half (and father of R.Giggs).

mikeovswinton said...

Yo Martin, No 52 Quincy Jones "Betcha wouldn't hurt me" with vocals by Patti Austin. Once went to Dortmund to hear her. (You can check that concert out too, on "Avant Gershwin".) Patti Austin in the UK charts? And you are quibbling? Interesting, though, to consider the acts that are in both. My dreck comments applied to 1989.

Darren said...


there's four bona fide pop classics in the 1981 top ten. I even have a soft spot for the song at number 26.


I don't know Mas que nada, so I might have to YouTube it.

I liked Danny Wilson at the time, but I fear it's one of those bands who just seemed good cos everything around them was such garbage.

mikeovswinton said...

I never listened to Danny Wilson. The name was enough. To commemorate Swinton's immortal No. 6 was a fine piece of thinking.
1981 was, of course, the year of the Projected Passion Revue (which, incidentally is now available on CD via Messrs Amazon and Co, tho' maybe not in Canada), Dexys Midnight Runners' Shaolin phase. There is more than a good argument that music started to go downhill at that point, although it briefly tipped back up in 85 with Don't Stand Me Down, and the Brooks Brothers' incarnation. The Quincy/Patti thing was good, tho'. Might Lambert be another mistake for the Hoops?