Saturday, October 17, 2009

A year and a day

Owen's first birthday.

The orange giraffe moomin horse gatecrashed the party. Ostler Owen had to bring it under control.


robert said...

Grand piccie! Happy birthday to the wee fella, and happy 'anniversary' to his Ma and Pa,
Hope all are well,

gray said...

who does he look most like? His nutter of a dad or beauty incarnate, mum? Tee-hee :o) *

Happy Birthday Owen!

* Obvious where he gets the hair colur and bad taste in toys from, but seriously, what do his Grandmas see in his face. Kara, you or someone else in the family?

My sister said I look like A. Git, whoever he is

Darren said...

He looks like his mum . . . thankfully. ;-)