Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bend it like Bent

Love it.

No jokes please about beach balls, freakish goals and Liverpool having to cut short next year's summer holidays so that they can try and qualify for Europe via the backdoor.

That joke is redundant now that they've abolished the Intertoto Cup. Europa League it is.


mikeovswinton said...

According to the rules of Football, according to one journo over here this am, the game should have been restarted with a drop ball. The facts that it wasn't and that the beach ball had an LFC logo on it -or appears to have had - when taken together do cause a certain amount of mirth. Having watched Liverpool's players chuck themselves all over the field and generally badger the ref silly (in the company of Messrs Benitez and Lee) at the Reebok some weeks back, all I'd say is that it couldn't have happened to more a more deserving set of guys. I'm truly gutted for them. Ha ha. Specially that Riera who's ability to wail when sat on his backside after a fair tackle is truly amazing. No I'm not bitter.

Darren said...

Saw the MOTD highlights. I thought it was funny that the obscured the face of the Liverpool supporter who made an assist with the goal.

If it'd been the other way round and Bruce's team had conceded the goal in that fashion I'm sure I'd have heard him bleating from over here. The bloke's got form for throwing his players out of the pram. I still remember that Arsenal/Sheffield Utd game.

Laughing at Liverpool's misfortune?

Yep, I'm the same, I don't have much sympathy for Liverpool's bad luck. And on current form, it's not as if they're going to lose the title by a point or two.

How did Liverpool lose so much goodwill from all of us? They played some of the best football of the seventies, eighties and the Dalglish managerial era and yet I couldn't give a fig if they ever win the title ever again.

I don't hate them as much as Chelsea but they irritate the hell out of me and I've no idea why. I think it may begin and end with 'Stevie G'. Great player, dickhead human being.

A Bolton fan? From what I saw of the MOTD highlights the other week, they played some un-Bolton like football against Spurs.

The fans still hating Megson? The bloke doesn't seem to be able to ever strike up a decent relationship with the fans of the teams' he manages.

mikeovswinton said...

Yes, we played some good stuff against Spurs. We've never been as bad as our press, though I have to say Big Sam's last season and the subsequent fall out has been hard to take. Aesthetically. Problem is that we don't have the sort of cash the bigger clubs have and so we are always playing catch up. Megson? The last few weeks, which co-incide with the emergence of Young (the Korean lad) and the return of Bibi Gardiner, who Megson, unlike Allardyce, plays as an attacking force, have seen a bit of thaw towards him.

Liverpool lost again last night. And I bleieve that there may be a beach ball or two in view at the weekend - the Liverpool stewards are going to confiscate them at the turnstiles I believe. Face we killed the "old" Liverpool back in 93 when the McGinlay/Lee/Andy Walker triumverate got them out of the cup when we were in what I think of as Division 3 and they had pretensions still. Andy Walker- there's a name to conjure with.